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Opening for Business

This blog, like so many great ideas, was the result of drunken group coercion and hollow promises that my endeavors to blog on Mixed Martial Arts would not be without support.

And now we’re all sober and I have a fucking blog.

At any rate, the UFC is putting on a bomb-ass card tomorrow, the latter of which I will be out of town for, in transit back to the East Coast from whence I came for family reasons. Sadly, I cannot blog about it, but there will be no shortage of criss-crossing analysis of all degrees of both thoughtful insight and professionalism, so I’d be doing no disservice not to cover it.

So, more to come. I am currently in the process of assembly a crack team of top notch writers who will contribute for free. Until such time as I or someone else has something to write about, I just be throwing up the occasion cat video. Like this one.